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        “If you end up doing what you are passionate about, the journey is so easy.”

                                                    Wing Commander (Retd) Rakesh Sharma,
                                                                                      First Indian in Space.

But how can a person know what he or she is passionate about? 

The Answer is in Personality Profiling – Understanding Strengths, Weaknesses, and the Unique Characteristics of a person. 

Personality Profiling and Personal Coaching Programme


Personality Profiling (Using International Personality Profiling Tools) and in-depth discussion of the Strengths, Weaknesses and Improvement Areas.

Intensive and Extensive Analysis to facilitate deeper understanding of the client needs and imparting practical knowledge with specific action steps for personality development. 

Unique, One2One Process to give the client the best possible interaction with senior consultants who give undivided attention at each meeting/session.

Use of NLP techniques for overcoming fears/phobias and fast behaviour change. 

Programme led by mentors with 26+ years of Industry/Business experience, leading teams to success and helping people achieve their goals.

Participants can expect to find their unique strengths and learn how to use them for achieving maximum success. 

Who is this Programme For?

Employees who want to improve their performance at work by learning time management, personal effectiveness techniques & leadership skills. 

Home Makers who want to become confident in their dealings with the outside world, understand their latent abilities, plan and implement strategies to use their spare time to realise their goals. 

People looking to improve their work/life balance by understanding the ways to allocate time to important tasks, distinguish between the important and the urgent & the unnecessary. 

ANY ONE who wishes to develop their personality: Confidence, Poise, Thinking and Speaking. 


Practical Theory/Theory from Practice: No memorising theory, just plain talk on what works for a person. 

Each client is given an action plan tailor made to suit their personality (No cutting the head to fit the Hat!)

Scope for participants to practice their learning in real time with hand-holding from a senior consultant to review the day to day results being achieved by the client. 


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"Executive Personality Profiling & Personal Coaching Program"

  For Corporate Executives

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